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Originally Posted by hevysrf View Post
I'm liking the nest, if you mess with it, you can customize most of the downsides of a standard programable stat out of it. Mine is on a 2 zone hydronic that also has one of the intelligent burner controls and a grundfos alpha circulator. I probably haven't saved any money, but its fun to mess with. This is screen shot of heat demand from the nest.
That right there is the conundrum that I live with almost daily. The tech side of me says "Ain't that cool". The practical side of me says "What a silly waste of time". My 20 year younger GF would probably say "Generational gap".

I also have to laugh when I see the commercials promoting 60 minutes of outdoor playtime for kids. When I was a kid, if I was in the house for 60 minutes, my mother had me helping her reupholster a Queen Ann chair. Then again, my GF constantly struggles with her weight while I weigh 170lbs at 5' 11".