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Dave is spot on

I too hate programmable thermostats

NC code recently changed. For new gas furnace installs, a programmable thermostat is required. For HP installs standard thermostats are still allowed but you must incorporate an outdoor sensor that keeps the aux strips off unless it's below 35 degrees outside.

If you set a hp system back on a 38 degree day it's going to take awhile to warm the house back up.


I have hp's and if I want to warm my house up faster with 45 degree warmer air (difference in temp going in vs coming out of system) then I want to make that decision myself. A hp without the aux strips on usually gives you 18-25 degree warmer air.

end of rant


I believe the op was talking about setting the ac higher while away.

I would only do this if away for a weekend or more, not just when going to work for the day. The more modern your house is AND THE BETTER IT'S INSULATED (being modern does not gaurantee good insulation or building practices) the more you can get away with setting it back.

imo - programmable and these new wifi thermostats take control away from the design engineers and puts control into the hands of the ignorant homeowner.

not using ignorant as a derogatory term but rather as a descriptive one. No offense intended You're not supposed to understand stuff like sensible and latent heat.