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I have never liked programmable thermostats. They will save you some money if set up right under the right circumstances. However, when it's really hot and if the system is sized properly, you won't recover the temperature difference in an hour and you won't achieve comfort control in less than 24 hours.

It's a long involved "argument" with some assumptions. Properly sized means that it will run 24 hrs a day on the hottest day (theoretical). Over sized units will cool quickly, but don't run long enough to remove humidity. 2 stage or multiple units help with humidity control. Like I said, this could be a long discussion that would require a lot of information.

On the heating side, I can't stand to have the heat come on trying to make up 10 degrees just before I get up. It tends to dry out the house causing respiratory problems, even nose bleeds.

Radiant heat and heat pumps should not have programmable thermostats for reasons already mentioned.

Having said all that, each system and each occupant are different. If you're going to use a programmable, less is better and try different settings to see what works for you. Mine is set at "manual" and is seldom changed more than a couple of degrees (the house is seldom unoccupied).
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