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Originally Posted by nautiduck View Post
I wanted to answer this question seperately because it shows your lack of knowledge on the subject. You were commenting on the officers lack of training, but think playing with paintballs will help with his muscle memory. First the big difference is that you dont carry paint ball guns in the field. Well actually we do but thats a different BALL game. We use sim rounds because they can be fired out of the same style weapon using the same magazines and gear we carry in the field. That is the only thing that would have made even the slightest bit of difference in that scenario, other than pushingthe donuts away on occasion. Actually im not going to argue with you anymore. You go on thinking your Rambo and telling all your buddies at the marina how f@wking tactically awsome you are and ill go on taking care of the shitbags so you can run around in your 5.11 tactical pants and shoot paper plates.
No, I want him to play with real guns and I want him to do it often so when he gets into a situation like he did he has a much better chance to live. If he can't play with real guns then simunitions or even air soft is better than nothing. And I guess you don't realize that air soft guns mimic the weight and even the recoil of real guns. You stated earlier that your agency uses simunitions training with your own guns. Technically that is incorrect because you can't shoot sims through your actual firearm. It needs to be modified with a sims slide and barrel so there is virtually no difference than using air soft guns except the price, the marking of the sims round, and the pain if hit with one. I don't think I am Rambo and never will. I do however deal with current and ex real life Rambo's that are special operators and know a hell of a lot more than you and have dealt with a hell of a lot more than you. So keep eating your donuts and bragging to your cop buddies how great you are and how much lead you have dodged.