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Originally Posted by nautiduck View Post
I never said anything about not training. I was commenting on an armchair quarterback that thinks he has a clue. He dropped the mag while reloading, instead of bending over trying to find it he grabs another mag so he isnt sitting there with an empty weapon. Just like hes trained to. Could his reload have been better? Sure couldve, but let me see you do it in a gunfight. Freaking couch commandos think you have any idea because you do your little run and gun bullshit in a controlled area.
Let me give you a bit of a clue. His heart rate has already started to climb during the pursuit. Its normal. He thinks he most likely has a bailout coming as hes getting out of the car, all the sudden the shitbag starts shooting, your already elevated heart rate goes through the roof and adrenaline starts dumping into your body like youve never experienced before. When that happens fine motor skills go out the window. Doing something as simple as grabbing a fresh magazine all the sudden becomes a little more complicated. Anybody that thinks the little pathetic training runs you do at your shooting range are going to prepare you for this is freaking moron. Im not a patrol cop. We have to be ready to deal with active shooter scenarios everyday and even the training we do doesnt fully prepare you for the real thing. Like i said until youve actually been there, shut the hell up youve already shown who the fool is.
How many times have you "Actually Been There" with "Lead Flying". So how many gun fights have you actually been in??? You sound like a typical know it all cop who knows nothing. Maybe you can't read. I have numerous local, military, and federal agencies that train at our facility so we are not talking about our "pathetic little training runs we do" although I would bet most our the advanced tactical training that we do would run your know it all dick into the ground.

So you are trying to tell me that he should not have been prepared for someone he was in a chase with not to start shooting at him? Let's see. How about you open the door of your squad car to give you cover with your firearm drawn just in case the bad guy has bad intentions. Or do you think it is a better idea to get out of the protection of your squad car and walk up to someone in a car you just chased and hope they don't hop out and shoot at you. Gee, I am sorry. I thought common sense was taught in the police academy. Oh, and since the cop in the video was a fat ass and it is very apparent he was not concerned with physical training so he does not die of a heart attack I doubt that range training was high on his list either.