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OP ... wants 2007 or newer and 46 to 54 feet ..... why mention a 44 footer from 1991 ( yes I know it was updated) ..... doesn't anyone read anymore ?

Cabo is out of business.... take that for what its worth as far as subsequent support.

The Custom Carolina guys, in my opinion, are more likely to have inconsistent construction particularly in the hard to see but critical areas of the hull, stringers, etc etc ....

Companies like Viking, in my opinion have more consistent production/construction .....

Ocean makes a good second tier vessel generally ... their production numbers aren't in the same league as Viking the past several years .... just don't know how the 2008's to date Oceans are going to hold up long-term as they are still relatively "new".... hopefully they didn't skimp on build quality/build materials as their production numbers dove down the past few years ...

Personally.... I would go with a Viking ...... if you can get one not fished hard, that's a great plus ...