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Default Re: Bose Lifestyle Home Surround Systems?

Well, we have several "Bose sucks" posts but no one suggesting an other brands???

If you want quality stay away from the Circuit Citys and Worst Buys. They wouldn't know quality if it bit em in the butt. I would look at Alon first. Darned good company and low dealer overhead compared to the Wally Worlds of electronics. You should also consider the Tannoy Arena system and the Revel F50. Klipsch just bought Mondial a couple of years ago and I hear they are putting out some good stuff too.

However, your home theater is only as good as the weakest component so don't scrimp on the amp/pre-amp/receiver.

BTW, I am pushing a pair of Bose 901 series 6's with an Acurus amp and pre-amp and can't really tell that they suck. Must be my hearing.
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