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Originally Posted by thajeffski View Post
Okay, I read all 124 pages in about 24 hours. My thoughts

Boatmanalso - is an idiot and one of the most annoying posters I've seen on this site. I ignored 50% of his posts. I think he might get drunk and come on here.

What it came down to is we had 2 very upset guys who seem to have lost money on what was a nice looking boat, but had serious problems that could result in death.

Some questions:

The boat manf. website is back up and running - are they still open and in NJ?

How much money did both 41 owners lose exactly?

What were the results of the lawsuit?
I remember feeling so sorry for him (boatmanalso ) at the time, the 41's were in the final swirl of the flush it seemed and his son had just bought one. He kind of stumbles at first but I admired him for trying to stick up for his son's purchase. I think it ended up being one of the ones that had the correction but the reputation had already taken the huge hit. His posts were very entertaining.

I just did a re-read on the whole thread and it's clear with 20/20 look back lenses when the situation could have been corrected by Luhrs, but they dug in their heels and sunk the whole company.

I would also like to have known what happened to the guy that supposedly had issues running the warranty claims monies and if some of the accusations were true or just the ship sinking and people out for themselves and trying to drag him down.

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