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Originally Posted by Moonlighter475 View Post
This was an unhelpful post. Not necessary to confuse anyone by being pedantic and negative about the need to link the engine to the HDS via a NMEA2000 network. The fact is that he will be able to quite easily link his Suzuki outboard up to display engine data on his Lowrance HDS display. Unsea, the article that i posted the link to will tell you all of that info plus more, and includes diagrams that will make it quite easy to understand. The 2012 DF140 Suzuki will work fine with the HDS, and the article that I linked also sets out the engine data that will be available from it on the HDS. Furthermore, it is going to be virtually "plug and play" as the HDS has 3 pre-configured engine gauge/data display pages already set up. The only setting up required once everything is connect and turned on, will be to set the fuel tank capacity in the fuel setup menu on the HDS. Unsea, the only thing that the article i linked from Lowrance doesnt tell you is that the Suzuki engine interface cable has various software versions avaialable to work best with different model year Suzuki engines. When you order your interface cable from your supplier, tell them that you have a 2012 Df140 and that you require the cable to be loaded with interface software version 2.5.0. The current version is 2.8.0 but it will almost certainly give you problems with fuel flow data being way wrong. Version 2.5.0 is an earlier version that should work fine with your engine year and give you correct fuel flow data. Also, version 2.5.0 automatically detects the engine it is connected to and configures itself to suit. The easiest way to set it all up is to: 1. Buy a Lowrance "NMEA2000 starter kit". This gives you all the bits required to establish the network including some extension cables and T pieces etc. It is far, far cheaper to buy this starter kit than it is to buy all of the individual components it includes individually. 2. Buy from Suzuki: (a) 1x Suzuki engine interface cable, part # 990C0-88148 and ask them to supply it with V2.5.0 software as described above. (b) 1 x Suzuki SMIS to SDS adapter cable, part # 990C0-88136. The interface cable connects to this cable, which then plugs into the SDS (diagnostic port) on the port side of the engine, under the cowl). The other end of the interface cable connects to the network. Doing it this way keeps your existing analogue gauges operational. This is important bacause apart from anything else, the engine warning lights and engine fault codes wont show up on the HDS, ypu need to keep the analogue tacho at least to show them. Unsea, please feel free to PM me or post here any questions you have on this. I have a very similar setup on my boat (DF115 and 2 x HDS5's) and have set up or helped dozens, if not hundreds, of people set their Suzuki networks up. Along the way I have found out most of the tricks and traps and am happy to pass on my knowledge to fellow ThT members.

Exactly a simple hookup for sure.