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I am happy that you have not had the problems some of us have had with Luhrs. Are you speaking of Mike Hankins ?? Some of your problems are the same as the other Luhrs - Water leaks on bridge, Air problems, stearing problems these are the MINOR problems we have had. How was the allignment of the shaft ?? I do not feel ALL Luhrs are POS. The 41 model is. Good luck with your 38 -- that is probably the best ride in the Luhrs fleet. Hope you get your punch list complete now is a good time to do that. They do not want more angry customers -- they have enough lawsuits with the 41 coming
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Sorry, but you have to read the whole thing.

Then you should search for the "HOTLINES" thread, and burn some life reading through it.

And then the "Jersus" thread.

And then "Team Bloodstream".

Some would call it wasted time, others would call it an education.

Big Al
I just love reading real stories of big mistakes and seeing the outcome.

Will do, it's better than reading a book!
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