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Originally Posted by Jeepman View Post
Does the B175C-L also have a freq range of 85 kHz thru 135 kHz ? I would like to be able to see targets in depths of 1000-1500', but do not want to give up anything in water depths in the 3-500' range to do so. Is there a depth range this transducer works best in?

The B175C-L has a freq range of 40 kHz-60 kHz...the lower the frequency the deeper the range..but also the L has less targeting capabilty .

To see a targets reliably in the 1000'-1500' range would be best using a 16 element transducer.

A Furuno FCV 295 with a 16 element transducer or a dual band CHIRP unit / 16 element such as a GSD-26 is what many opt for regarding working past 1000' and actually seeing targets.
Many transducers can see bottom deep ( 1000' and deeper) but seeing targets reliably is a different matter.

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