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Originally Posted by lingcod View Post
That's a very bold statement. I very much beg to differ. Just yesterday someone here at THT said their new NSSn EVO2 died/blew up and would now need to see how good Simrad's service is. Don't have time to find it because I'm about to take off to go fishing.

And I wish what you were saying is true regarding early beta units, but it's highly unlikely to be the case. This is a brand new flagship West Marine that JUST opened. Huge new electronics display. And even if what you are saying were the case, it just proves my point. Why would you let demo units go out the door with this many problems? Simrad is a manufacturer that does not understand how to do product development and releases properly. And for that matter, most of the marine suppliers are this way, except perhaps Furuno.

What about the bugs--especially the temperature issue--that is well noted here on THT? I don't know how you can say "none" report "any" issues. EDIT: Sorry, Abhor, just saw that you did not the temperature bug.

Above opinion notwithstanding, really appreciate your contributions here Abhor. You know your stuff, despite being strongly biased toward Simrad!
NSS12 Evo2 and NSS16 Evo were shown at the local boat show this weekend so I did not have time to go, but I think a local shop has got the units from the boat show so I will go and have a look in near future. They told NSS16 would be installed close to their old NSS12 so then I will see if it's any difference in screen brightness. I will then also see if I mange to get any of the units to hang (you can be sure I mange, if possible) and how the speed compares to my NSS9 Evo2.

The temperature issue was first reported to Simrad before Easter by me so I'm fully aware of that

There are always issues when introducing new products, manufacturing problems or software issues. I'm a EE with close to 25 years experience in development and industrialization of very complicated embedded systems so I've seen my fair share of issues. You can't judge the companies by counting issues for brand new products like NSS12 Evo2 and NSS16 Evo2 and comparing with more mature products as Garmin 82xx which have been on the marked for one and a half year or so when. The number of issues are very close connected to time from start of production. And as stated previously in this thread, wait 6 months from start of sale to buy if you don't accept any issues with new products.

The rate of innovation is high and the marine electronics companies has brought us a large amount of new astonishing technologies and products the last few years, the industry is small so they don't have the resources of Samsung and Apple to ensure everything is OK before start shipping products. As long as new software are released to fix the problems reported and that the companies take well care of the unfortunate ones which see hardware failures I think we as customers should be happy. I'm happy they prioritize innovation and new technology, those who feel they don't need it are also befitting, they can buy the older and now very reliable models for a very nice price.
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