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Apart from systems that are so scarse they hardly exist anyware but showrooms, all brands and units have their THT-published faults. You will even find post here with Furuno, especially their "compact" models 1870/1670. Garmin has gotten their fair bashing over the GPSMAP xs-models as well, not to mention Raymarine. You also have to factor in how many units are sold from each brand, around where I fish Lowrance probably has 80% of the market (based on what I see in boats in my area) and that is offcourse well reflected in what units people have issues with.

There are way to many people out there with bad electrical systems to base your purchase on one-two-three reported issues on THT or any other forum. IMO at least 90% of the issues out there are based on bad installation or other isues caused by the user. (I`m not reffering to the EVO16-thread here, just my personal experience.) Since I`m generally interested in marine electronics I always say "yes" when someone asks me to look at their systems, and there are A LOT of really bad DIY-electricians out there, as well as people not updating their software, not reading the manual, not taking care of their batteries etc. When taking into account how many ways there are to ruin any MFD, I have to say I`m impressed with how few issues there are these days.

BTW, I`m probably seen as biased towards Lowrance since I have been running their MFDs since 2010 as my main toys. Just to get that out of the way.