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Originally Posted by lingcod View Post
To begin,

12" is the minimum size for me, and quite possibly two of them.

Btw I went again to West Marine recently and was able to easily cause big problems with the NSS12 EVO2 as well. I wasn't doing anything unusual; just normal usage. These products are simply not ready.

To the contrary I tried, and could not "break" the Garmin 8212.
It's strange none of the owners of NSS12 Evo2 and NSS16 don't report any issues. I've had NSS9 Evo2 since it came out and no stability issues at all, only problem is the transducer temperature reading. There must be something special with these units at your local West Marine, prototype units, beta software or just faulty units.

In case you don't want a new autopilot with a fluxgate, get an Airmar H2183 to go with the Simrad pilot instead. Combine this compass with AC12 or AC42 in a NSS Evo2 system and I'm sure you will have the best performing pilot on the marked.
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