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Originally Posted by yachtjim View Post
And then next year news will come out of the even newer units coming out soon. It is a constant cycle. If you wait for the latest stuff to come out you'll forever be disappointed.
Completely agree. I just think we're at an inflection point in the development of chirp, touchscreen, pilot, and radar technology where more significant leaps are finally occurring but that maturation of these technologies take a couple of cycles. We're at those couple of cycles.

I won't consider Raymarine any longer, was eagerly hopeful but am disappointed and concerned with how Simrad releases products, and like Garmin for its ease of use and more robust engineering, both software and hardware. The only problem has been they've been behind the curve. They badly need 12"/15-16" touch and button, including sounder and GPS antenna integration, and would benefit from a more state of the art pilot (why do we still need a fluxgate compass??), as well as low energy, high discrimination radar. My guess is some, if not all of these will be introduced at Ft. Lauderdale.