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Originally Posted by Badbagger View Post
Looking for some input on the Lowrance Link-8 VHF.
I tested a Lowrance LINK-8 radio. See my findings at

The article is really more about the general interconnection of DSC radios and chart plotters, but you may find the information it contains about the Lowrance LINK-8 VHF Marine Band DSC radio to be useful.

The principal attraction of the Lowrance LINK-8 radio is the provision of a NMEA-2000 network interface. This greatly simplifies the integration of the radio with a chart plotter and GNSS receiver.

The LINK-8 radio was introduced about a year ago. There were some initial problems, but they seemed to have been resolved by evolution of the radio firmware. At the price-point of the LINK-8 there is presently no competition. Lowrance has experience with NMEA-2000 devices. They seem to have implemented the NMEA-2000 network interface in the radio without any problems. I would not normally look to Lowrance to be a supplier of VHF Marine Band radios, as I don't think that is their strong suit, but given the lack of other manufacturers with a NMEA-2000 VHF Marine Band DSC radio, and the aggressive price of the LINK-8, it is becoming a popular choice.
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