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Originally Posted by nhangler View Post
Take a look at Navionics plus. You can select the areas and level of detail you want. It is a little less out of the box as you have to set it up and download your mapping details but worth it if you want to key in on certain areas that matter the most to you. You have 1 year to update and modify what you have on the card. After that you can buy the subscription or just keep the card / charts as is. As for how well the level of detail available to you in that area with Navionics I can't comment. Up north it is excellent though especially for freshwater lakes and ponds.
I am not familiar with the Navionics +, believe this is a relatively new card. How does it work? You say I can download what areas I want. Is there a limit to what you can download? Do you pay additional $ for each area you download? Any info you can provide would be appreciated.

Thanks for the reply.

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