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Default Need sounder help...simrad NSO

Well the best laid plans always seem to have a kink....

I'm trying to find an inexpensive solution to the sonar box for an older simrad nso system. I was told I couldn't use the bsm1 and it would be cost effective to go with the bsm3 vs the bsm2. Having said that the original plan was that the nso system was just going to be a back up to the new NSS evo2 system I will get later in the winter.

So the $$$ question is how do I get a sounder to this unit and be in the $700 range? can I go with the bsm1 and get a converter kit to make it work? Can I go to the sonar hub and use that instead?

Requirements are that it must pair to a transom mount transducer that is cat friendly. Also I fish saltwater typical depths of around 200 ft. We bottom fish in water up to 600 ft and then head out way deep 1,5000-2,000 for albacore. But the way deep I never really run the sounder then other than to get water temp.

Thanks for the help. I'm all over raymarine, but this nso system was too good a deal to pass now I get to retrain my brain for simrad.
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