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Originally Posted by weatherman View Post
AF, are you going to mount and use a trolling motor on your bay boat? Unlike some folks, I am not a fan of the MotorGuide, but have two bay boats with HDS units in the console; I thought I would swivel the 10" unit, so I mounted it on a RAM mount. The RAM is great, but swiveling the HDS never worked well for me, so I went with an additional 7" unit on the bow with a hockey puck transducer on the MinnKota. I have been pleased with this, but my winter project is to figure out how to switch views on the bow unit, and show the trolling motor transducer when I'm running the MinnKota, and the stern transducer view when the trolling motor is not deployed.
I am going to mount a Minn Kota. I was planning on setting an iPad on the console and facing it towards the bow to see how well I could resolve its images before I made a decision on electronics. But that is interesting it didn't work for you, I will take note of that.

How do people mount fishfinder display units on the bow close to the trolling motor? This is what I don't understand. Does anyone have a picture of this?
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