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Originally Posted by TICTACTUG View Post
... And the garmin 4212 vs the 6212. So if anyone can fill me in on that it would be great as well.
The big thing to know is the 4212 will be phased out soon (if not already), the 6212 is it's replacement and has been for some time. The 6212 has a lot more memory and twice the processing speed. For example, the 6212 can store 100 routes (vs. 20 for the 4212), 5k waypoints (vs 1,500), 50k points & 50 tracks (vs. 10k & 20 tracks). The 6212 also has the capability to control the Garmin Metor (audio hub) and is Fusion Link compatible. In short, if you get a great deal on a 4212 and don't mind buying a little older technology then it's the way to go. But just a side note, there is only a $500 retail price difference between the 6212 and 4212. Also I don't think it's a fair comparison to compare even the 6212 to the C125/127, the Raymarine units have newer technology and also have built-in WiFi (even if you're not interested in it, it's a cool feature that you might use if you have it), the 1040xs would be a more fair comparison (it too has some WiFi features) it has the sonar built in (like the C127) but with CHIRP, however it is only a 10" screen.