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First - don't go the 4212 route unless you get it dirt cheap - it is almost 2 generations behind the c125/c127. 6212 is the more modern version - but still 1 generation behind the current 8000 series. It is MUCH faster than the 4212 and still gets some software updates (mostly bug fixes - not much in the new features department)

If you want Garmin with buttons and touch - the 1040xs would be where I would be looking today - and not the 4000/6000 series

Raymarine c series - nice machines - I just dont like their non-touch user interface. It drove me mad on my c97 so I replaced it with Simrad NSS8 - where you both have touch and key's in one unit.

The difference between c125 and c127 is c127 has built in sounder - where the c125 does not.

The c series is also WIDE SCREEN - where the Garmins are more 4:3'ish screen size. I do prefer 4:3'ish screens.

But it if was me - in the same price range is the Simrad NSE12 - (non-touch) + 3G or 4G radar and that beats (IMHO) both of the above by miles - or the Simrad NSS 12 + 4G Radar....