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Default Do this

I use and love that same switch however I have always made this one critical modification to all of them. Get yourself a "palm sized" crab net float and mount it to the top of the switch float! This helps in both the kicking it on and knocking it off. The buoyancy of the float makes it start easier and the added weight of the float makes it fall down with the falling water level... Mine is so sensitive that it will kick on and off with waves slushing around a little water in the bilge. Of course you shouldn't have to do this but the beastly-ness of that switch makes it worth while... It is bullet proof...
To attach the float, I've used liquid nail and tie wraps before but on the current switches I actually drilled a small pilot hole into the switch float and used a #10 screw with a fender washer thru the hole of the cork. Has been working great for 6 years...

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