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Originally Posted by handn View Post
one thousand one, one thousand two, one thousand three, one thousand four, one thousand five. After you count out loud to five, push the lever forward slowly and let that circle hook dig in. I almost never miss a fish by waiting too long. On the other hand after thousands of fish, I am still early sometimes.
Thanks will def try this!!!!! Thanks for all the replies!!!

Originally Posted by ozwald View Post
Are you fishing circle hooks or J hooks? what sort of rig?
Circle hooks 6/0 - 10/0 at the pier...and I just have a swivel with leader and crimped....

Originally Posted by N2theblue View Post
There is no reason to set the hook. What is likely happening is that after you set the hook slack is getting in the line and the fish are getting off.

I always laugh at people who set the hook like a bass fisherman.
Haha ^^
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