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Originally Posted by 2dogs1949 View Post
I had a 20' Grady with 18' Lees off the gunnel. Kept me from having to climb to put the riggers out. Gave me more of a "spread" being on the gunnel. Easy to deploy. The rigger line length was consistent, not so on the t-top.
Be sure your top can take the added stress. If you go gunnel you may need a shim to level them and a backing plate when you thru bolt. My next boat had them on the t-top and I hated them up there.
The 18' Lees on the gunnel ... how did you store them when underway or not spreading lines? I've seen some rotate so that the poles are vertical and some rotate to they lay (nearly) flat along the length of the boat.... but then they'd extend beyond the transom quite a bit.

Purpose for getting them up to the hardtop was to get them out of the way ... but gunnel or side mounted seem much easier to work.
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