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Default Thanks Ron. looks good. and helped you bloody the deck huh?

Originally Posted by rcatena View Post
So I email Blyriggers on a Saturday night after deciding my Tacos are toast. Less than hour later they are paid for and delivery arranged. I get them on Tuesday! Run a bit through them, insert pin, rig the halyards and off we go. They weigh a fraction of the alum riggers, they are easy to deploy and heck they even produce at night . Just wanted to say Thanks for the amazing custy service. Nice product.
I had a guy from hawaii ask me if they are as stiff as his fiberglass precision outriggers? I tried to answer as tactfully as possible about fiberglass not being a very good material to make outriggers from. Then another guy said his lee alumni outriggers got bent and he wanted to know why my 20 ft carbon fiber outriggers cost twice as much as his $850.00 Lee aluminum he was getting ready to replace? My 20s cost $1250.00 not 2 X $850 {he quoted} = $1700.00 Its so hard for me sometimes to not go crazy. or crazier. Then I get customers like ron that just say my aluminum outriggers are fked I need a set ASAP.

And he posted pictures with fish. Most say they will and never do? Even with out fish.
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