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Default Montauk Sportfishing Report 7/7/14

Hurricane Arthur was pretty cooperative. A cold front kept it offshore and its rain got here as the morning trips were coming home on Friday, but the wind didn’t arrive until late in the afternoon. Of course that didn’t stop the cancellations, starting with trips on Thursday morning when it was still off Georgia. There were more trips cancelled on Friday including one of mine when I got a voicemail at 5:00 am telling me of their concern with the weather. It would have made more sense for the client to look out the window, but it is what it is. Those that cancelled missed out on some great bass fishing.

Boats haven’t been sailing well, but that all changed on Tuesday, but not because of clients booking trips, but rather the start of the commercial season for stripers, what we refer to as “tagging”. Boats without trips booked headed out to try and make some $$$. The rules are fairly simple. Anyone with a permit to sell striped bass gets two hundred or so tags for the year. All the fish have to be between 24’ – 36”. Wednesday the fishing broke into high gear with lots of bass around the Elbow, eating anything you put out. But the problem was that most of them were too big to tag. But that wasn’t a problem for the recreational side. They were waiting for those fish to finally show up. And, it wasn’t just a one day shot, continuing through the weekend. And, apparently the word got out because Sunday morning saw more boats on the water than any day so far this year.

One day during the week there were a number of patches of bunker showing up between the Inlet and Shagwong. Maybe they were what brought in the big stripers, although most of the bass were full of sandeels.

Sharking boats continue to see some nice bluefins jumping around and the AHDA K couldn’t resist, going on the troll and catching a couple of 60-80 pounders.

Next Saturday and Sunday is Montauk Marine Basin’s all tag and release Sharks Eye tournament. Like last year they have five satellite tags to be placed in sharks for tracking. Three of the four sharks tagged last year are no longer swimming around, but April a mako was last reported swimming around at the DIP on June 17th.

Last weekend I forgot the surf guys. Paulies had a tournament with the following results;
1st place - Paul Pira - 34.58 lbs
2nd place - Frank LaSalle - 31.56 lbs
3rd place - Jeff Krist 20.40 lbs

And, the local’s Surfmasters tournament ended as follows;
1st Place - Matt McDermott - 54.12lb
2nd Place - Ben "The Kid" McCarron - 43.75lb
3rd Place - Mike Coppola - 31.16lb

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