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Originally Posted by Double tyme View Post
I know all about the target species. I grew up in CT fishing Long Island sound. I also know torfed travels to fish sometimes, and I saw his price point. I'm not going to recommend some budget combos when he wanted a quality setup.

I have owned all tiers of fishing equipment. The saying "buy once, cry once" comes to mind when it comes to underweight gear, or anything else for that matter.

I own four Avet MX reels that I use primarily to kingfish. The drag power just isn't there for much more. I'm not a heavy drag guy, but I like to know my reel will perform how I need it to when I need it most (on a big fish). I also own the LX reels, and for a slightly higher price, in a slightly beefier package, I just feel its a more versatile reel.

I have two combos of the setup I originally mentioned. Then four MX on tallus's, and four tiagra 30s and two TLD 30s. That's the extent of my offshore arsenal. The LX are on the boat for every trip. They're just that versatile.
I do travel and fish a fair amount, so I would also want it to work for other bottom species. I don't necessarily need anything that will raise a huge AJ. The max size fish I could see getting into it with is maybe a 60-70 lb black drum, and even that would be rare.

Eventually I will get a heavier setup, for now I just need something so I don't have to use a ridiculously heavy spinning rod to hold bottom if I need 10oz on the end.
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