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Originally Posted by BlueRudy View Post
I like to buy the $3.99 ones that are in the bucket on the counter of your local bait / seafood store. Doesn't hurt your feelings when it comes up missing or you toss it cause it lost its edge.
I just bought a Bubba Blade but have yet to use it so I cant give a review. I can say even though it appears to be well made and extremely sharp it is way over priced. I also discovered it is made in China in spite of its name which would have been a deal breaker for me had I discovered this before purchase.
I have a Bubba Blade, and while I like it, I agree it is over priced. I don't think it would hold up to commercial use, but for a recreational angler it is fine. It is definitely good for skinning fillets. For cutting the fillet itself I use my Dexter 8" serrated knife, which was half the cost and performs/holds a blade much better. I have a difficult time getting the skin off without getting too much meat or having to make multiple cuts, but that is operator error
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