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Ever wait in the checkout line with 3 or 4 other folks, staring endlessly at the gum and magazines? Finally it's the woman's turn in front of you. She waits until the checkout person says, "Your total is $XX.XX". Then the purse comes off the shoulder and is placed on the counter. The purse is unsnapped or unzipped and her fingers walk through the compartments until she finds her wallet. She fiddles with the wallet until she finds an envelope and pulls out some bills to count. The bills go back into the envelope which then goes back into the wallet. Then the wallet is turned over and the change purse is unsnapped. She rustles around in the change purse for a spell picking out coins, then opens the purse wide and sticks her hand in to dig around in the bottom. She slowly counts out the money and hands it to the cashier. Finally, the woman is presented with change and a receipt. The wallet is opened again to retrieve the envelope for the bills which are placed carefully in it, then the envelope finds it's home in the proper compartment of the purse. The change in coins waits for the coin section to be found and unsnapped and they are then deposited. The wallet is then put back in the purse. Now for the receipt, which of course must go in an envelope which must be retrieved from a different section of the purse. The purse is then purposefully zipped or snapped and finally it goes back over the shoulder.

Why are these women so seemingly surprised when they're expected to pay?

Now mind you, this is an observation, not a complaint. I'm retired and absolutely refuse to be in a hurry ... these women just tickle me.