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Originally Posted by Sweet Seven View Post
I feel your pain Navatech. Fished Friday, out right at sunrise. Weed everywhere, drifted livies in 400'.... Nothin. Headed further east, would come across a lone frigate, troll, livebait, chunk, chum, topwater, vertical jigs, bucktail jigs, naked skirts, ballyhoo.....nothin. Saw a marlin just swimmin slowly 10' from the boat, clear as day.....nothin. Ran 20 miles east.... Nothin. Waited til late afternoon for tuna bite using everything we had.....nothin. Still better than a day at work tho!!
No pain at all!... I was just reporting how things went... As far as I'm concerned everyday you wake up is a good day and everyday I get to spend on the water is a great day!...

In fact, people set out to sea several days in a row specifically to hook a sailfish and return empty handed so I consider the day a success even in that respect... Heck, if I wanted fish for dinner that bad I'd just go and buy the damned critters... Cheaper (by far) too

Anyway, Skipper Gentry (Carolina Gentleman) is thinking of going out tomorrow... Contact me or him directly... Small party only... We're not looking to crowd the boat so only one or two spots left!...