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Thanks everyone. I just left the hospital. Wow, she is going down hill fast. Since last night she is mostly out of it. Even when her eyes open a bit there's no one home behind them. MIL talked to the Dr and asked the hard questions. If we remove the IVs how long does she have and will she be in any pain. The say no pain at all and a matter of days. If there were any chance of even a minimal life for her it would be different, but this seems to be the only way to go. It will be harder on the family than it will be on her. We never were very close, but I hate to see anyone like this. Her personality was not one that people flocked to, but we all love her anyway. I could give her grief and she would take it but anyone else would pay dearly if they tried it.
It's been a tough week with all this and on top of it my barber died. He was a good barber, but a much better man. I miss him.
I'll keep you posted.
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