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Originally Posted by seasick2 View Post
you must have not had direct tv because the picture is way better than Comcast, and as far not working when it rains mine has worked in snow, rain, sleet and during hurricane sandy , the only thing that sucks is that I cant get the philllies games but if direct tv and dish network merge which their is talk of them doing they may pay into that package and I would be a happy camper
I've had direct tv in the past... Why the hell would you even question that?

For me personally, I live right down the street from the node in my neighborhood so my picture is perfect on comcast. A properly managed cable system is more than capable of providing crystal clear pictures and internet at the rated speeds to the last drop out of the cascade. If it isn't perfect it usually just means a squirrel or rat has been chewing on the lines and needs a tech to come out and do some troubleshooting. The beauty of that is that there are local techs that can come out and work on it. They want the picture to be perfect as much as their customers do.
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