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we have had direct tv for 3+yrs now and I love it , they are great as far as customer service and any help and they will do a lot to keep you as a customer, I call once a month to see what promos they have going on and they usually have something for free . they are nothing like Comcast , I had Comcast for 9 yrs and I think I spent 90% of the time on the phone with them about the internet every weekend it would be down and it was always the same excuse turn your modem off and back on and then still nothing so they would say we have to send a tech out . I hated Comcast and I love the picture on direct tv so clear and also they SPEAK ENGLISH. I have clear for my internet so it is clear .com it cost 39.00 per month for basic but I have unlimited for 49.00 per month + 7.00 for the box , I never have had any outages with them. with Comcast you have the promo for say 6 months then they slam you with full price for another 6 months and then tell you that you cant get the next promo for 6months so you have already paid for that promo ahead of time. stay with direct tv if you call them and tell them your bill is a little too high for your likeing they will give you something off , it may be 10.00 or more just talk to them they are very easy going.
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