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Originally Posted by NJLorelei View Post
For big time programs the scholorship $ received are a small fraction of the revenue generated by the players. That is simply a fact.
You're absolutely right. How do you put a monetary value on the fact that the majority of these players would not be able to get the level of education that they do either because of lack of funds or not sharp enough academically. Hard to value that.

Also if a player doesn't believe the free education that they receive, the preferential treatment they get in most classes , and the unlimited academic resources at their hands (read: tutors, test banks, etc.), not to mention all the nike gear, bowl game travel, stipends, and the HONOR of representing their school on the field, training, national tv time, are
Fair compensation for their efforts on the field, then they should not accept the scholarship, turn down the education, and get a job or head to the combines. Their choice.