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Originally Posted by KJ6TQG View Post
How should I put this? I feel that the vast majority of boat brokers are thieving slime that would make a used car salesman look like a saint.

Sounds like the listing broker for a boat I bought 13 years ago. The guy didn't send the excise tax to the state DNR. When I bought the boat, I had a temporary state decal. I called him about the permanent one when it was about to expire, he sent me another temporary, and said the state was behind. When that one was about to expire, I called the DNR, they had no record of the transaction. I called the broker, and informed him of the situation. He got pissy with me about it, I guess because he had to send the tax money to the state. A few years later I read in a local boating paper that he was convicted of fraud, and in jail.
I have a few stories about using brokers to sell a boat, but not wanting to beat a dead horse, I will refrain.
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