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Originally Posted by Boat Hound View Post
Trying to deal with brokers is just mind numbing! To have tried to use brokers to both buy and sell boats, maybe 6 or 7 times in the last few years. Other then comcast, it has to be the most inept group I have ever dealt.

Most recently in the search for a smaller boat (under $10k) I called 6 brokers about 6 different boats. I got one call back. I talk to the guy and tell him I want the boat, he tells me he needs a signed P&S with a deposit. I laughed, it's $4k, I was planning on just showing up handing the money over and signing then. I responded with, good enough he is a pro and does things by the books. Get the P&S, looking at the serial number, the boat is a 2000 model year, mfg - not a 2001 listed. No big deal to me, but he should have caught this. He says he took the information from another site?

Fast froward...crickets. I scanned the executed P&S with check for the deposit on thurs. Hard copies should be their Monday, if they are not already there. I get it small boats are little money for these guys, but then don't take the f'n listing!

I am looking to sell my Grady, but just don't want to babysit these guys. I have 0 confidence they will work for me, the way I would work for me. My issue, I don't have the time to show the boat and deal with crap that I would gladly pay a commission to a PROFESSIONAL. Clearly there are not any out there!

Am I on a bad run here, or is this pretty much it? I have never had a positive experience with this profession.

my adult son looked at a hobie cat 16 ft boat once, man said it was a 99 or 2001. stupid hobie cat people in california musta been smoking it, they put a 1979 serial number on the hull, gee.