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Default Office chair advice, please

I'm on 10 forums or so and still this site seems to come up with the best advice about things in general so here goes.

Naturally being retired now, I spend a huge amount of time surfing and running my own site, so I'm in a office chair about 8 hours a day. I take regualr breaks of 10-15 minutes and walk the grounds but still, the chair is a danger. My chair is std office high back about 6 years old and shot....

And it happened last night - I pinched a nerve in my back and I have never had anything more painful in my life - off to the otrhopod and now on Vikes, cortazone and a MRI tommorow.

So has anyone got a choice for a good chair that coddles your bod the right way for long term users? I've been eyeing a Herman miller but $800 is a bit steep....and ideas - or better--> links!

Thanks guys..