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Originally Posted by olyveoil View Post

So,,,the members curently pay ~ 1.1% of their salary to UAW and are being asked to pay ~ 1.4% of their salary to UAW.

Personally, I would rather put 1.1 - 1.4% of my salary to a ROTH than to union execs and polititcians.
Yeah, I retired after paying union dues for almost 40 years.Never had to rely on the union to get me out of a jam,but I guess it was nice to think they were there if I needed them.So basically the last 15 years of dues paying had me hating what the union was doing with my dues,I just never bought into the union/democratic/liberal ideas. I would have much rather have had that $50,000 plus I paid in union dues in Apple or Microsoft stock. No,the union had nothing to do with my retirement plan,I paid for that myself.