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Originally Posted by ecrooks View Post
Please don't jump all over me here just curious why do you need to kill it?
Good question. Around here they are very over populated and are causing all sorts of problems. I live about 2-3 miles away but I am in the county and they are killing baby deer, calves at a nearby cattle farm, etc. My sister was down for the holidays and had her 6 month old designer dog that a coyote would have snatched in a second. This is the house I grew up in and now it isn't safe to let a small dog run. That is a problem.

Kinda like dangerous alligators on a golf course. The house is less than 3 blocks from both the local elementary school and the local high school.

I would like nothing more than to just pick it up, throw it in the truck, feed it some dog biscuits on the way to wherever coyotes live. But we all know that ain't gonna happen. Even if they are good biscuits.
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