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Originally Posted by Halfmoon View Post
We may wait until the 2015s come out and get a 14 then. Most of the 13s left are not the color or package we want.
You appear to be a value shopper looking for a specific car that is a good value to begin with. That's a great combination.

I had finally found the car I wanted at a dealer 100 miles away. The price negotiation, if you can call it that, went like this on the phone. "May I please speak with your sales manager? Does the Lexus blah, blah blah, with VIN such and such really exist at your dealership? I'm from San Diego, and I'll have to drive quite a ways to come see it. How much will you sell it to me for today? Yes, I'll hold. Sounds good, I'll see you this afternoon." The deal was done. We drove 2 hours to the dealership. The sales manager introduced me to a salesman when I arrived. He asked, "I understand you already have a price from the sales manager, is that right? Yes. OK, let's go do the paperwork." I had received a discounted, fair price, and it took me all of about 10 minutes on the phone.

The value of eliminating a STRESSFUL negotiation from the transaction was PRICELESS.