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Originally Posted by alacrity View Post
out of every 50 people that walk into a dealership, 1 buys. walk in knowing that and with a price and you'll get your way. it took me about 45 days when i purchased by last car (jeep wrangler) but i had the sales guy calling me everyday after 25 days or so of my initial and only visit and he dropped the price at each call until it was a few hundred dollars away from my opening bid. i didnt even test drive the car. (i did that at another dealer), i just walked in, got a salesperson to talk to me, gave him a list of what i wanted in the car and told him my price. i told him about the 50/1 and told him i was the "1". he would earn a commmission with no work.

i've done that twice and it has worked twice.
You spent 45 days dicking around negotiating the price of a Jeep? A discussion that could / should have taken an hour? You must have a lot of free time on your hands.
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