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Thanks for all the suggestions.

I have done a little research on most of the web searches mentioned above. We aren't pressed to buy at this time, but if the right offer was made we would have purchased it. The problem is they had to DX the car from PA, if it was on their lot they might have done the deal for what we wanted.

Like I said it was just a itch I had to scratch so we went for a test drive and DO like the car (drove an Avalon and Taurus too, no thanks). We may wait until the 2015s come out and get a 14 then. Most of the 13s left are not the color or package we want.

Thanks Fish'nFool, we might take you up on that if we get to point of purchasing. I do like the dealer near us and the young salesman wasn't pushy or full of BS, he went to bat for us. Just couldn't get the numbers I was looking for.

Thanks everyone
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