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Originally Posted by 240 LTS View Post
What they are saying is, how the child "Feels on the inside".
They do not have to have had a sex change.
If you feel like a girl then you are allowed to use the girls rest room.
Young girls were interview how they felt when boys came in their rest room while they were already in there.

On my next job application, I may feel like a black HC woman.
Who are you or anyone to tell me I am not what I feel like on the inside?
If the GLBT people get special treatment, a benefit of some sort, and I want that benefit, I may feel like that on the inside, that day, to get that benefit.

Different subject but still just as outlandish. A stretch I know but whats next?
Children that have Affluenza, (see the 16 y/o that killed 4 people and no jail time) maybe they were raised in such an affluent household and have always have had their own private bathroom, they do not feel it is right to have to share a rest room with others. It is hurting their mental stability, hurting them on the inside. They need a private RR in the school.

See where this is leading? Once the box is open, it will not be able to be closed.

I am still in awe over that.......... incredible !!
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