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Default Robot reporters

Wow, Are Local News Reporters Really This Lazy?

by Andrew Kirell | 11:00 am, December 17th, 2013 video 21

Local news reporters often take a lot of mockery for being corny or shallow or terribly edited; but Conan O’Brien put together a brilliant clip-reel that demonstrates local news writers might just be downright lazy.

After viewing the below clip, one has to wonder how so many local news anchors all say the same exact lines during their introduction to Christmas shopping stories.

“Who are you really shopping for this holiday season? It’s okay, you can admit if you bought an item or two or ten for yourself,”

More than two dozen anchors all say, with some variations sprinkled throughout.
Simply astonishing.

We searched TVEyes and found that these local reports spanned from Alexandria, Louisiana all the way up to Burlington, Vermont. The only way for this to have been a high-level conspiracy would be if Conan reached out to the individual stations and recruited them for some sort of Kimmel-esque prank on Americans.

Otherwise, if this is a totally organic coincidence, we’re just going to say that perhaps it’s easy for local news anchors to make eerily similar statements because, well, local news tropes are pretty easy to copy.

UPDATE: A friend points out that this may have been one of those nationally-syndicated consumer reports packages that comes with a pre-written intro script. We seem to have found our answer!
Watch below, via TBS:

Not surprised, it's what is expected now a days.
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