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Originally Posted by north coast View Post
Why is everyone assuming she's F O S. maybe she's telling the truth.
Whoever was driving the van on the day in question should recall whether or not they bumped a car hard enough to damage it.
If you're responsible, fix it for her.
The problem is, even if she is telling the truth there is a good possibility that someone else did the deed. I owned a parking lot for a long time, a woman rolled in and pointed to a ding in her car door, she said "I was here a few days ago and when I got home saw this." I remembered her and her car, she was very believable, she truly thought I had done the deed. Lucky for me I remembered exactly where she was parked, I asked her if she remembered and she said "yes the car was right at the end of this row.". I said yes your right, and if so it would be impossible to get a ding on the passenger door then. She looked dumbfounded and confused. I walked her over to the very spot and said, if your car is the last in the row there is no possible way another car door from this lot could have hit yours.

I felt bad for her, because she really thought it was me that banged her up.
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