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Default Parking lot, Door Dign Months ago..??

Hey THTers, I am wanting some opinions, and no where has more of those than here!

My manager calls me last night, a lady walks into my store, and calmly and politely states that "A couple months your van dinged my door in Amici parking lot..." Amici is a grocery store on the island. My manager asks if she filed a police report, insurance claim or anything...NO. She didn't realize she could for a matter such as this, she says. Glen asks her politely why she waited so long, its been months ma'am? She claims she just thought it was inconsiderate, but was not really thinking about it until she say our van, outside our store, so she stopped.

He asks if she SAW this happen. NO, she did not,but the van was there when she parked, not there when she came back and the dent was there...

So, before I call this person, and see what the deal is, thoughts?

The van has personalized plate, is a Mercedes Sprinter. The Island is 5 miles long by a mile wide at the most, small town, and I know most everyone by 1 degree of separation.

Ughh....this van has been hit, dinged, backed into, driven into...It is like a accident magnet. Its the second one I have owned. The first was totaled by a teen d`river running a stop sign...I hot him doing 35...t boned him. Totaled at like 6000 miles.