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I think the main reason that "crime rates" are down is the police and prosecutors and legislators have done a great job of reclassifying crimes into categories that they can call non-violent

instead of attempted murder there is now assault with an item that is not really a weapon (even though the victim was beat half to death with the BBQ grill lid and would have been beat to death if the perps had the chance)

but now that can be plead down to "did not give someone a hug when they ask for it" and they can pay a $200 dollar fine that will never get paid and court cost and "time served" and it is now no longer a violent crime

or rape is now "did not ask her if she wanted to have sex before having sex with her while she was in bed in her home that was accidentally entered by accident and mistaken for the perps own home and girlfriend"

and that can be plead down to did not kiss her while having sex with her even though she did not know him and did not want to have sex with him and he was accidentally in her house where he did not belong and that is not a violent crime that is a crime of not enough passion so a $300 dollar fine that will never be paid and court cost and time served