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Originally Posted by RussH View Post
Couldn't sleep tonight so I got up and watched a little television. There was a show on about a man that weighs 600 pounds, he had not gotten out of his bed for a long time. It got me thinking if this guy can't get out of his bed who in the hell is feeding him? He can't get out of bed, he can't go to the store to buy anything, seems like it would be pretty easy to make him lose weight by not feeding him. I don't even want to know what's involved with his other bodily functions.

How could someone see a person so miserable yet keep feeding him? That seems to me to be some sort of abuse.
I just had to look this up. This might be the story you read.


"The 55-year-old former construction worker ate two-foot long submarine sandwiches and an entire large pizza all by himself every week for years."

I am guessing they mean daily. I could make that lunch and supper for a 5 day work week.

I think after a certain point it just becomes mental, kinda like they just throw in the towel.

Sad story.
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