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Up until last year I have NEVER worn a harness however the older I get the WISER and more cautious I get

I do not use my climber much at all but when I do normally it is bow season and with bow hunting there is a higher chance of falling (IMHO) than with a gun due to the fact you have to position yourself more for a shot

I bought a Hunter Safety System vest and really like it, we also hunt out of a lot of ladder stands and I have got to the point I will even wear it in those due to how easy and unrestrictive it is.

Lot of my gun hunting, in fact most of it, is out of box/condo stands so no need therre

However from what guy with SCDNR told me a few years back the biggest part of tree stand accidents are not WHILE you are in the stand it is going up or down to get in the stand

In fact 2 years ago a guy that I have known for years and he was actually a camera guy for Bill Jordan of Realtree for years fell out of his stand while bowhunting(all he did was bow hunt) and was killed. Mike had been in and out of more deer stands in his life than I have even seen so if it can happen to him it could happen to me.

Sad it takes something like that to open our eyes

In fact one of my best friends is married to Mike's exwife and when that happened he also went out and bought a HSS Vest.

I guess they are lot like a kill switch on a boat or a seatbelt in a car, you hope you never need it but if you do you will not have time to put it on until it is too late