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Welcome to the new cocaine! Bow hunting is sooooooo fun.. Anyways, However you practice with your bow is how you should hunt with it. If ya practice with quiver on, hunt with it on and vice versa... As for holding vs. hanging, I prefer to hold as metioned before, things happen very quick. I will hang though as well depending on the day, visability and how long I'm on the stand for... Makes an aweful long day holding your bow for 6 hours. Just be prepared. I have been caught by critters slipping in when I'm not holding my bow and cannot make a play because of it. As for a harness, please for the sake of you and your kids, get a full body harness that keeps you upright in the event of a fall. Spend the money and make sure you go home alive at the end of the day. The old belts are just plain dangerous.. Get ready for a new kinda rush. Nothing like seeing the whites of their eyes your so close.... It is so awesome even if you don't end up shooting. Some of the things we see in a season are just spectacular. If you have a Go Pro or similar I highly recommend taking it along. Have fun and remember, we like pictures!!!